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This Week’s Challenge….Visit A New Local Restaurant, Park, Café…. or Shop!

January 28, 2018

This week’s challenge is super fun, and it’ll help you get to know Chicago even…

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trust the process

Trust the Process…Not the Scale

January 26, 2018

Well…here it is….me….all of me.  Well statistically speaking this is me and what my body…

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crossfit games

CrossFit Open Season is Upon Us!!!

January 26, 2018

Happy New Year ETown! (At what point is it too late to be wishing people…

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New Year, New Mindset

January 21, 2018

Happy New Year!! Let’s kick off 2018 with one of the most powerful forces in…

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COACH COOP’s COMMENTS – How to Jump Higher

October 30, 2017

SPEED!   There are a couple of things we need to know about speed. First…

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Overtraining: A Word to the Dedicated

October 9, 2017

Too much of a good thing is still a bad thing. How many times have…

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October Programming: What’s Coming this Fall?

September 29, 2017

Hello ETown family!  October is just around the corner, and we have a lot of…

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Static Stretching

September 15, 2017

Hey guys, I’d like to go over stretching. In recent years I’ve heard a lot…

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Pull-Up Clinics: Thoughts and Moving Forward

September 12, 2017

Hey ETown Community! First I just want to thank everyone who came to the pull…

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September Programming: Things to Expect!

September 2, 2017

Hey e- town family.  This post will cover what we are trying to achieve come…

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