The ETown Intramural Open 2018

intramural open

THE CROSSFIT OPEN at CrossFit ETown 2018

Every year CrossFitters from around the world anxiously await the release of the first of 5 workouts to kick off the CrossFit Open. Every year hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters grind through workouts, get judged by their peers, and enter their scores online into a world wide scoreboard. And every year, no matter if you’ve been CrossFitting for a Month or for years, CrossFitters challenge themselves, surprise themselves, and set goals for the next year.

What is the Open? The Open is a world wide, online CrossFit Competition starting on Feb 22nd and runs until March 26th, 2018. Each workout is a secret kept by the Director of the CrossFit games- Dave Castro, which he releases on each Thursday evening during the Open. Athletes across the globe have until the following Monday to complete the workout, and submit their scores to If you happen to do really really well in the Open, you could be invited to regionals, if you do well at regionals you might even earn your spot at the games.  BUT let’s face it….unless you are Coach Adam or Coach Gregg……you aren’t going to make it to the games (sorry, bubble busted, I know), and that is the honest truth- it’s not that we don’t believe in you, the odds just aren’t in your favor (read more here: The Open: Participation and Celebration).  Going to the games takes a full time commitment to training.  As many of you know both Adam and Gregg spend multiple hours during the day training and they have worked extremely hard.  Even then, they know that there are thousands of other competitors doing the same thing…so it will be a HUGE accomplishment to move onto the next level!  For the rest of us…..the only way any of us are going to the games is with a ticket that we purchased to watch Coach Adam and Coach Gregg as a spectator! 🙂

That being said-  THE OPEN IS SUPER FUN AT CROSSFIT ETOWN! Why? Because we make it so. We hold our Intramural Open every year inside our humble CrossFit Affiliate. We make teams, we wear matching t-shirts, we bring our family, we blare music way too loud, we cheer each other on and earn points for having the silliest outfits or the most “spirit”. We scale the workouts appropriately (just like in class) and we usually set a lot of new PR’s!

Myth #1

“I’m not good enough”

Well you already know that’s not true- you’re working your butt off every day at ETown. That’s all you need to participate in ETown’s Intramural open. And don’t worry, if the workout looks too hard or the weights look too heavy, we will scale them for you, we’ll work together to create a plan- just like in class! Besides, you’ll be on a team, so every person counts, not matter what their skill level is- you’ll earn points for your team just by showing up!

Myth #2

“It’s super intense”

A workout is only as intense as you make it. Just like in class! Yes, sometimes (all the time) Dave Castro likes to put one workout in the mix that has way more burpees than any decent human being should ever put in a workout, but we GUARANTEE you will surprise yourself and do something you didn’t think was possible.

Myth #3

“I have to sign up via to participate”

Nope, you can simply be on one of our in-house teams and you don’t need to register. BUT registering for the CrossFit Open is fun too.  Some years I have and some years I haven’t….depending on when I was carrying a child or just delivered one) 🙂  The nice thing is that I can go back and see how far I’ve come. We can create a custom leaderboard and you’ll be part of our Affiliate on and that’s pretty special. You can also say that you were on the same leaderboard as some of the fittest people on EARTH. How cool is that? I’ll leave that decision to you, but I’ll just leave the sign up link here just in case:

NOTE ON THE TEAMS!:  Our team Captains are members Matt Guthrie and Lyndsay Shea.  They are both awesome members with awesome personalities to make the Open a fun experience for everyone!  It doesn’t matter how long you have been crossfitting..the open is a way to push yourself harder than you would on a daily basis and it is an opportunity to be a part of a team that will support you no matter what!   Get super excited you guys… will not be disappointed!

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