Always Trying to Improve


Our goal is simple:  Provide you with the best hour of your day.  To do so, we continuously look for ways to improve. This includes improvement of our Team to equipment.  This includes amenities and course offerings.  Additionally, it includes our technology.

Over the past several months, we, as a Team, have been taking education very seriously.  In addition to our regular meetings, we have sent 4 of our coaches to CrossFit Level 2 courses.  This highly intensive training has provided all of us with more tools to help each of you every day.  We are very excited that we have been able to provide Gregg, Alvin, Adam and Carrie with the ability to attend, and PASS this course!  We look forward to provide additional opportunities for the rest of our Team (these guys included too), to continue their education whenever possible!

As you all know, we recently upgraded our website and its functionality.  We hope that it is easier to follow and find information.  We are constantly updating the content to take advantage of all the tools available to us.

Our move from Mindbody Online to Zen Planner was another big change that provides all of us with more tools that are easier to use! One of these is the RSVP system on the Zen Planner Member App.  It literally takes one tap of the screen to RSVP!

Another great feature about Zen Planner is that it allows us to track all of our WODs and strength work in the system.  This too is easy to do.  Simply click on the Red Z, and select “Workouts.”  When we have more than one type of class that day, you may have to use the drop down to select the workout you want to score…but that’s it.  Enter in your time, your reps, your weights and presto…you’re done.

And additional feature that goes along with entering your scores is that the system automatically creates a leaderboard!  You can also leave comments on fellow athlete’s performances and give them “thumbs ups” along the way!

Again, we are always trying to improve.  If there is something we can do to make your experience better at CrossFit ETown, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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