April Programming at ETown!

april programming

Hello ETowners!  The Open season has officially come to a close.  Now it’s time to reevaluate where your current level of fitness is, and to establish some new goals for the 2018/2019 year.  Book a Goals Setting Session with one of us this week!  We’re going to give you a breakdown of what this next month will look like, in conjunction with some other new programs we have coming up soon!

For this next month, we are adding an extra day of upper body strength work (as you could probably tell by the 1 rep max jerk we did).  So, for those of you trying to increase upper body strength, or work towards that first pull up, this will be a fantastic month for you.  You guys will be seeing a lot more interval training which will consist of short time, high intensity bouts with long periods of rest in between efforts.  These types of workouts are great for increasing your peak aerobic threshold.

Strength- wise, we will have a lot of speed squats, heavy pull ups and rows, loaded carries, and conventional deadlifts.  You will see some classic CrossFit benchmarks (such as Isabel and Grace), as well as ETown benchmarks like Bear Grylls and Johnny Cash.  Below are the dates we will be testing these benchmarks, so you can plan ahead for which days you will attend class:

1) Girls Gone Wild (Last done 12/9) on March 31st

2) Adrenaline (Last done 12/1) on April 2nd

3) Johnny Cash  on April 6th

4) Bear Grylls (Last done 11/17) on April 9th

5) Batwings on April 12th

6) Isabel on April 16th

7) FGB (Last done 12/16) on April 20th

We are excited for this next year of progress with all of you, and this next month will start it off with a bang!

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