Athlete Spotlight: Jason

Athlete Spotlight - Jason

The Basics

Name: Jason Yanowitz

Nickname on the boards: Jason. Kevin keeps trying to make J-Train a thing, but it’s not a thing.

Member Since: The beginning.

Occupation: Software Engineer

Words to live by: Friends don’t let friends cross picket lines.

Favorite quote: The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.

Favorite movies: The Godfather; 20 Feet from Stardom; Pride

Favorite food: Kabobs (beef or chicken)

Favorite music or artist: For workouts, Rage Against the Machine.

Favorite sport or activity: Crossfit or wrestling with my kids.

Sport or activity that you are training for: (Quality of) Life. Trite but true.

The Goals

Personal:  Help my children develop confidence, empathy and emotional intelligence.

Professional: Write software to solve interesting problems in elegant ways at massive scale.

Athletic: Being in a place where I’m happy about my mobility. Pistol squats. Non-false-grip (regular grip?) muscle-ups.

The Interesting

I am passionate about: social justice, labor rights, and delicious food.

Name some things we don’t know about you: I love cocktails, I can juggle (certain) kettlebells, and I dropped out of a PhD program in Computer Science, bringing shame on my whole family. No regrets.

Adventure you are planning: Annie and I are taking the kids to England next summer.

Favorite etown memory: It opening.

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