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What’s up ETowners! This Athlete Spotlight is all about one of our awesome ladies, Laurel. Laurel has proven that every time she steps into the gym, she is looking to better herself. She is crazy competitive, but also has a desire to learn and develop her skills to the max. She sets a great example of how to work hard, but also realizes when it’s time to dial the intensity back to focus on technique. And, even when she was in a boot due to a foot injury, she still came to class to get a great workout; proving that you can always work around an injury to better yourself. We can’t wait to see the awesome things she’ll accomplish in the future!!

How do you think you have changed as an athlete since starting CrossFit?

I have a lot more confidence in my overall physical abilities.

What do you view as your greatest accomplishment thus far?

Push pressing 95 pounds (lookout 100!) and nailing the box jump. Both of those were far more mental accomplishments than physical. I came into Crossfit feeling a certain amount of physical strength as a runner/half marathoner, and looking for a new challenge.

How has CrossFit changed your mentality about fitness as a whole? And, how has it affected your daily life?

That age is a mindset and our physicality is as much a reflection of our mental strength and perseverance as our physical ability.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

The variety! I am a person who tends to get bored with the same of anything, so mixing it up is definitely a plus!

If someone was interested in starting CrossFit, why would you recommend it for them?

Because it pushes you to become a better you than you thought you could become. Like all good fitness regimes it is definitely as much mental as physical, and it’s the mental stamina I’ve found that is needed to succeed in life more than the physical. It also makes you feel incredibly competent when you tackle a new goal.

Name a fear that you’ve had about fitness or life in general that CrossFit has helped you overcome.

I’m not sure if this is a fear, but definitely form is not always my strong suit (I’m impatient) and getting the form right with the various barbell moves has been intimidating. After 6 months I finally experienced this moment of “I’ve got this” instead of “uh oh…..” And that feeling was so exciting….it propelled me onto a PR and feeling like I could tackle whatever the next challenge is.

What personal motivation drives you to become a better version of yourself, and keeps you coming back to the gym several times a week?

This might sound weird, but I have almost an insatiable curiosity when it comes to exploration. Life is an adventure and we only get one go around. My mom has told me this story multiples times of how when I was 18 months old I insisted on walking miles through the Blackhills versus being carried by my dad. I guess it started young! This month Tim (my husband) and I are doing a 7 day trek through the Andes to Macchu Pichu — I want to be doing that whether I’m 46 or 76. I’ve hiked the Annapurna Trail in Nepal, sections of the Appalachian Trail multiple times, and the Grand Canyon (I was foolish enough to go to the bottom and back up in the same day when I was 23, which I do not recommend!). Through all of these adventures I’ve learned so much about my own strength and abilities ( as well as limitations) simply by being open and curious, and I’ve got to see some pretty amazingly beautiful parts of the world.

If you could eat one healthy and one unhealthy food every day for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Healthy – brussel sprouts

Unhealthy – pizza and/or fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. yum!

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