Athlete Spotlight: Libby M.

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Libby has been a member here at ETown for over 2 years. A native of Boston, she moved to Chicago to work as the as the Manager in Client Services for the Big10 Conference. She has always been a competitive athlete, enjoying soccer, track, and rugby. Her dedication to her fitness, friends and family is unrivaled! Come to our 5:30am or pm classes, and you can meet Libby in person!

Why did you start at CrossFit ETown?

I always wanted to try CrossFit, and I wanted to meet new people when I moved out here. Since joining, I can’t envision myself not coming back on a daily basis…it’s the coaches, challenge, and people that make it all worthwhile…and…so I can eat a lot of pizza ????

How has CrossFit changed your everyday life?

Since starting CrossFit, I consistently have a more positive attitude, I am stronger, and I have made more friends.

What is 1 childhood memory that always makes you laugh?

I remember playing with my older brother in my dad’s office (which we were not allowed to do). I did whatever my brother wanted me to. Well, he grabbed a pair of scissors and said, “Libby, come here. I’m gonna cut your hair.” …so I sat down and let him! It took a nice bowl cut to even that out.

What is your favorite movie genre? And what are your 3 favorite movies?

My favorite genres are Comedy and RomCom. My 3 favorite movies are Remember the Titans, To Kill a Mockingbird…

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

It’s the total opposite of CrossFit, but I would be a sloth, because they’re cute, cuddly and carefree.

What do you want CrossFit to add to your life in the long run?

Positive attitude and clothes that fit.

What surprises you most about yourself in the gym? What is your favorite ETown memory?

What surprises me most is when I look at the WOD and think “I can’t do that…” but I can, because everyone else is doing it, too. My favorite memory was doing all of the pull-ups in Murph.

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