Athlete Spotlight: Lindsay

Athlete Spotlight - Lindsay

What’s up ETown!!  This athlete features one of our 5:30 a.m. fire breathers, Lindsay!  Lindsay is an amazing example of what CrossFit is all about.  She works her tail off every time she steps into the gym, and always has a great intensity about her.  However, she is also incredibly supportive of all her fellow athletes, and brings a powerful energy to any class she’s a part of… and she has great taste in movies 😀 

–  When did you start CrossFit, and how long have you been a member of the e- town family?

I started CrossFit in November of 2012 and promptly got pregnant in December of 2012. I CrossFitted through two pregnancies and baby boys who were born 15 months apart. CrossFit helped me keep up a fitness routine and find a community of bad-ass Moms in a super busy time of my life. I joined ETown when my family moved to Evanston in November of 2015. At that point, I had been maintaining some CrossFit skills but was ready to be pushed to accomplish more.

–  What makes CrossFit appealing to you?

When I first started CrossFit, I thought it was kind of silly. I had come from a long-distance running background and could not fathom how a 5-minute WOD could be a workout. I was quickly proved wrong when those 5-minute WODs almost killed me and and built more muscle mass than my training runs ever did. Now, the community is by far and away my favorite thing about CrossFit. I love that we cheer on the last person to finish a WOD more than we cheer on the first, I love that we are happier to see our friends PR than we are to see ourselves PR, I love that women are celebrated for being strong.

–  Did you grow up playing any other sports or activities?

I ran cross country in high school and continued my running habit until I found CrossFit.

–  How do you feel CrossFit has changed you (both inside and outside of the gym)?

Whew, that’s a big one. In a nutshell, I feel like CrossFit has helped me to actually practice something that I tell the third graders I teach to do all the time – which is have a growth mindset. For a long time in life, I felt like I needed to attain some specific number or thing in order to be “finished” with a goal or happy. That mindset leads you to fear failure. CrossFit (and having kids) has taught me to focus on the journey and to celebrate the small successes as they happen.  With the huge variety of lifts and gymnastics moves in CrossFit, I’m always working towards something. I love that I’m always trying to grow and challenge myself to learn something new or do something that might make me a bit nervous. 

–  Do your kids think it’s cool that you work out?  Do you ever think about how good of a role model you are for them and what it means to be fit?

My kiddos are pretty little, but they know that Mom is strong, and I love that. Right now, they just see pull-ups and think that I’m flying. Eventually, I hope that they’ll see what we do at ETown as an example of how community can help you be a better person and how we can all grow and challenge ourselves. 

–  Name one goal that you have achieved since starting CrossFit, and one that you are still chasing.

Since coming to ETown, my biggest accomplishments have been with the barbell. At my old box, I had become a bit complacent and thought the gymnastics moves would be more of my thing. The ETown coaches and my lovely 5:30 am ladies have helped me forget about the number on the barbell and trust my body. If it feels and looks good, put on a little weight. If my form breaks down or I’m at failure, take off the weight and end on a good note. Over time, I’ve learned to snatch, clean, and jerk more than I ever thought I could.

Goals I’m chasing- there are a lot of them. Right now, my biggest is to get a bar muscle-up by February. But the list goes on an on…finish “Flight” in 12-minutes, Clean 130#, do HSPU without a mat, Snatch 90#…I could go on forever!

–  What is your least favorite CrossFit movement and why, as well as your favorite and why.

Least favorite, deadlift. I did not focus on my form and tweaked my back. After that I have been really scared to go back to that movement. I’m paying a lot more attention to my form and going really, really slow to build strength back up.

Favorite movement, toes to bar or pull-ups. I never thought I’d be able to string either one together, but with practice and a lot of good coaching, I’ve learned to do both movements well.

–  Why do you personally feel it is important to pursue fitness throughout your life?

I think being physically fit leads to you being mentally fit.  I also think being a little uncomfortable helps you learn to not fear challenges or become too complacent. Keeping up with my fitness goals helps me keep the rest of my life on track and all the squats we do will hopefully allow me to get out of chair when I’m 90!

–  Name the following:  favorite movie, favorite song, favorite junk food

Movie – Any Lord of the Rings

Song – “Flying over Water” by Jason Isbell

Junk Food – Chicago Mix Popcorn

–  If you could own any wild animal as a pet, what would it be and why?

Koala – I could get my baby fix without losing sleep.

–  If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

To have a magic wand that does mundane household tasks. I hate folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher!

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