Athlete Spotlight: Meredith

Athlete Spotlight - Meredith

Hey guys, if you haven’t  met Meredith already, you’ve definitely seen her awesome scores and PR’s on the whiteboard.  After graduating our Right Start Program, Meredith started kicking butt in regular classes.  She’s a prime example of how consistent hard work and determination will always lead you to your goals (such as her ability to link multiple kipping pull ups after only a few months of CrossFit!!!)

What brought you to CrossFit ETown?

I have to give all the credit to fellow ETowner and my friend Amanda Stephens for turning me on to Crossfit. This past fall I finished my last competitive season of club soccer at Northwestern and was itching for a new competitive outlet. I was tired of going to the gym by myself and was struggling to be creative with my workouts and wasn’t really getting big results in terms of strength. Amanda, who had been going to ETown for a while prior, brought me in for one of the Saturday team WODs and from there I was hooked. 

What was your first impression?

I was intimidated at first with so many fit people around me, but that dissolved away quickly. I loved how supportive everyone was, cheering each other on to finish workouts and to achieve new PRs. The competitive nature of the WODs made me feel “alive” again for the first time since finishing my soccer season. I loved all the coaches as well. I never had someone with me at the gym critiquing my form and pushing me to my limit before CrossFit which was exactly what I craved and needed. I also liked the idea of learning new things. I had lifted and done a lot of the exercises before, but there were still so many new movements and techniques to learn which was exciting.

What are you currently working on?

I still feel like I’m a newbie with so much to work on. My biggest thing right now is working on “staying in my heels” for any squating motion (thank you Coach Adam). I’m also trying to polish up my double unders and pull-ups, which were some of my first goals coming into ETown. And lastly, I’m trying to improve on my toes-to-bar and hip flexibility as well. 

What’s the toughest part of CrossFit for you?

The toughest part, besides all the the things listed above that I need work on, is finding the right balance of pushing myself to be competitive with my peers while also doing what’s right for me and my body. At times I try to keep up with or compare myself to some of my peers that may be stronger or more experienced than I am, trying to lift weights that aren’t really realistic for me. At other times I give myself too big of a break making excuses that other people are simply stronger than me. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right mix in order to get a workout, maintain good form, but still be competitive.

What is your favorite memory at CrossFit ETown?

My favorite memory so far at ETown was the 17.3 workout in the Open. It was a killer workout with jumping pull-ups and squat snatches that increased in weight as you went. I got to my last round of the workout and was working on setting a new squat snatch PR for myself that I did not feel confident I would do going into the workout. With several of the coaches and my CrossFit peers cheering and coaching me on, and after several failed attempts I finally got the weight up and was able to do so twice. The moment I locked out the weight I was ecstatic and so happy to have pushed myself, and all the people around just made me light up. This and the Open in general at ETown with Friday Night Lights has been an awesome and uplifting experience.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost four months now. 

What kind of changes have you seen, both physically and mentally?

Physically I feel like I am in the best shape of my life, feeling stronger and more fit than I ever have before. I’m excited to see how it all translates to the way I play soccer once we can get outside again this spring. I think the mental piece is huge for me though. Not to be corny, but I feel like CrossFit has given me new life. As people (like my mom…) have commented, I have a new spring in my step and am excited to wake up and go to my workout every morning. I have found a new passion and something to work on, not to mention all the great new people I’ve been able to meet as well.

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