Athlete Spotlight: Mitch

Athlete Spotlight - Mitch

Good morning ETowners!  Today we have an awesome spotlight featuring Mitch.  Mitch has gone above and beyond to create a better version of himself.  He is a humble guy who realizes his weaknesses, but then has the strength and mental fortitude to take action against them.  You can find Mitch working hard in either the CrossFit classes, or the e-fit… either way he’ll probably be rocking a sweet air guitar!

1.)  What is the most appealing thing about CrossFit for you personally?

Hands down the community.  I have made some great friends who have been supportive, encouraging, and push me to do be better.  I do love the variety of movements and the challenges that they each present.  

2.)  What are the different benefits you have found by doing both the e-fit and the CrossFit classes through out the week?

It is hard for me to separate the benefits of one over the other.  I can tell you that since I’ve begun CrossFit over three and half years ago, I am stronger, faster, more flexible, and have more endurance and stamina.  I joke that I may not be the fastest or strongest, but I have a motor.  

3.)  What motivates you to come into the gym, and why is it important for you to work out consistently?

I’m the only one who is going to affect the changes that I want to see, and CrossFit has been a major part of my fitness and stress management plan.  I joke with a few other members that I have demons to burn, and that at times pushes me to the box even though I’ve got some excuse I could use not to go.  I am also encouraged to see the bits of progress that I experience, though it’s often others who see them before me.  

4.)  If you could pick your least favorite CrossFit movement to be eliminated from all CrossFit work outs, what would it be and why?

I hesitate to tell you sadists this!  I REALLY hate thrusters and similar movements with a passion… it just hurts everywhere after I’ve done a lot of them, which I suppose is evidence that they’re effective.  That’s why I only grumble about them.  

5.)  What are some of the things that you think make the CrossFit ETown community so great?

As I mentioned above, the support and encouragement.  We don’t seem to much care where you come from or what your fitness level is – we are here to push each other to work hard and support each other through life challenges.  I don’t think I’ve EVER felt anything but accepted for where I am and encouraged to push myself to go further.  It feels like most of the lines that divide people nearly disappear, and I like that a lot.  I’m sure it’s not perfect (no human system is), but I think we try to welcome whomever comes in the door.  

6.)  What do you think is one of your biggest victories thus far in your work out journey?

Besides staying committed?  I guess that’s pretty important.  When I began CrossFit, I absolutely hated running.  In the last year, I’ve run two 5Ks (one of them with CrossFit friends!) and do consider running a viable exercise alternative when I can’t get to the box.  I have to mention another one, which is my mindset has totally shifted from “I can’t” to “Not yet, but I’m working toward it.”  

7.)  What is one goal you are still striving to achieve (in the gym or in life)?  And, how do you plan on tackling that goal?

Weight loss, which is more about my diet.  While I will curse her for it in the middle of it, Crystal Pennington roped me into a 30 Clean challenge.  Rather than dreading it, I’m looking at it as a chance to really examine my relationship to food and the choices I make.  I am hopeful that by building more awareness and breaking old habits, I’ll start to see progress on this.  

8.)  Do you have any hobbies or activities that you enjoy outside of the gym? 

I am an instrument-rated commercial pilot, an active student and instructor of Hapkido (on my journey toward Sam Dan – 3rd degree black belt), and I play guitar and sing.  

9.)  If one piece of junk food could benefit your health, which one would you choose and why?

Pizza… because I LOVE pizza with lots of greasy meat.  I do not eat it often for obvious reasons.  

10.)  Name the following:  favorite movie, favorite song, favorite food

Movie: Tombstone (Say When!)

Song: Sick of It (Skillet)

Food: A well-cooked Steak.  

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