Bright Spots – Sharing Greatness Through Community

Hey e- town guys and gals! This blog is about a concept called “Bright Spots.”  Bright Spots are highlights that can be pulled from any aspect of life.  We all mostly see each other through the gym, and so naturally when we think of progress we think of hitting a new 1 rep max… or finishing a benchmark workout in a faster time.  But we want to start celebrating victories that make you feel great inside AND outside of the gym.  Whether it’s something as small as deciding to eat a healthier snack before lunch, or something as huge as graduating school, any and all bright spots are worth noting.  As coaches we think of you guys as our extended family, and we want all of you to feel that way about each other as Community members.

So here’s where we get into the fun stuff.  Every Friday we want to hear about your own bright spots.  Go to our ETown community page on Facebook, and tell us about a bright spot or many bright spots that you experienced during your week.  We want to start sharing and exchanging life PR’s, in addition to barbell PR’s.  So let’s spread as much positivity as we can as 2017 kicks off!

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