Double Unders

Here are some key points to think about and practice in order to get your first double under.  However, this isn’t going to magically happen overnight for you.  You need to PRACTICE!

Body Position is the first thing to focus on!

1.  You need to remain vertical.  Body upright.  No hinging at the hips.  Jump head to the ceiling.

2.  Relaxed Shoulders. 

3.  Hands low and at your sides, they can be slightly in front or back…but you need to remain consistent.

4.  Feet must remain underneath your head at all times…even when jumping.   No Mule Kicks  🙂

5.  Look Straight Ahead.  Again…keep your body upright!

6.  Jump/Land in a toe to heel fashion.   Remember, you need to slightly tap your heels on your jumps to avoid Achilles Tendon issues.

Once you can master the positioning, the next focus is on jumping slightly higher than you would for a single under and spin the rope faster….more to come! 

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