I think as time goes on I am starting to become more of a firm believer in things happening for a reason.  It is weird when I can look back and connect the dots of certain events in my life and think…wow…if that didn’t happen I may not have met that person, or if that didn’t happen I may not have learned what I did in order to make the decisions I did afterwards….It is pretty crazy when you can look back in hindsight and see how your life pieces together….

As most already know Kevin and I have purchased a new home for ETown (now deemed ETown 2.0) 🙂  Man was it a road to make the final decision…but the funny thing was we had looked at this building almost two years ago and eventually went back for another look where we decided this was it.  Then literally within a few months of us putting in an offer on the 2.0 building 2125 Ashland was sold to a new owner.  It was pretty crazy how it all happened virtually at the same time.  A little bittersweet feeling to be honest as well..  2125 has served us well in many ways, but the memories inside these walls will literally last a lifetime to us.  I could not have written or come close to predicting all of the experiences we have had…so many unexpected, unpredicted, amazing, sad, exciting, frustrating, learning experiences….As a matter of fact this month marks the exact date six years ago that we signed the lease at 2125 with our then partners in the new business venture.  We were so excited to have such an amazing new space to do CrossFit WODs and keep our old CrossFit Community together… we did a workout as soon as we signed the lease.  We had so many ideas of what we wanted to do in such a great space, but even one year in we could not have predicted all of the unexpected twists and turns that came our way.  Over the years, Kevin and I have learned so much, we have made many mistakes, we have met so many amazing people, and we have had some great coaches over the years that have made an impact on people’s lives.  If I were to think six years ahead to now and the plans in place…I would have never even come close.  Below is a mock up of what 2.0 is going to look like!

Some of you may have recently seen an article on 2125’s plan for the future.  Our current facility is going to become a brewery/restaurant!   It is pretty incredible and we are super excited to see this building get the love it deserves to become a space that so many more people will get to enjoy.  We are really looking forward to coming back to this space when it is complete and know that we were a part of its life and many, many, many other ETowners left some blood, sweat, and maybe even some tears behind.  🙂  Hoping that many of you will be able to join us for a pint as well!

As far as ETown 2.0 we are anxiously awaiting demo day!  The current tenants of the building have found new homes and are going to be leaving at the end of the month.  Kevin and I have been meeting with our contractors and architects to finalize design ideas and get plans submitted to the city.  All permits are ready to go and the fun is about to begin!  We have admittedly had a few late evenings (date nights) with a bottle of wine at the new facility thinking of ideas and getting more and more excited about the next chapter in our lives and CrossFit ETown.  We talk about the same feelings we had when we first started at 2125 and then we talk about the past 6 years and how far ETown has come.   It has been a journey, it has been completely unpredictable, and yet it seems so much has happened for reasons that at the time didn’t make sense, but start to more and more every day.

Here is a link to the article on 2125 Ashland and its future.   Note:  in the google picture someone must be trying to recover on the picnic table after a WOD…let me know if anyone knows who that is….LOL!!!  We also got a shout out in the article which is pretty nice.  : )

~ Tulip

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