February Programming


As we roll into February we are getting closer to the CrossFit Open  and the ETown Intramural Open.   We have been building you up strategically over the past few months, building strength, comfort in our lifts and slowly building up our endurance.  This month we will dive into more Open Prep.  It’s going to be fun, tough, and rewarding.  As usual, we want to maintain our focus on form, technique and range of motion at all times.   Speed and load are secondary…but are also necessary to get the desired stimulus and results we are all working for!

Focus: Olympic Lifting, Unilateral Work and GPP

This block is largely devoted to speed work with the Jerk and  however; we will continue rotating through new max effort variations for the lower body. The month starts with testing the jerk to get some baseline data that we will use for the remainder of this block. Again, these numbers are largely based on the your level of proficiency with the movement meaning, you can simply work technique with moderate weights if needed and still make great progress!

Things to Remember:

  • Olympic lifting percentage work is largely dependent on your ability and proficiency oft lift. For most, percentages may be null in void which is OK! In these cases, I want you to get greater  exposure to these movements by completing a high number of sets with light loads.  A coach will suggest rep schemes as necessary.
  • New conditioning pieces will be introduced such as, “Fran.”  This is an easy piece to under-scale as athletes usually underestimate how tough movements will get.  Be sure to overscale and go faster which will serve this energy system well.
  • All task-domain workouts have time caps. The reasoning is not only for time-management but to ensure you are getting the desired response for each conditioning piece. Time caps will help ensure that you scale your workouts correctly.
  • A significant increase in snatch work this block. Keep loads light and refine technique.
  • Longer pieces are more than likely about pacing/breathing which is critical for open preparation.

Benchmark WODs to Look Out For:

14.1 – Friday, January 27th – we will practice judging!

Jello Legs – Friday, February 3rd

FRAN – Monday, February 13

11.5- Friday, February 17th

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