Filling in the Holes

ready to run

The CrossFit Open has passed and we’re watching our favorite elites compete through the next stages. We tend to get caught up in the best of the best but we should be focusing more on ourselves. How did you do in the open?

“I crushed all those the double unders.”

“The 20 minute workout was the best for me.”

“Deadlifts and HSPUs? That’s my jam!”

What about those muscle ups? Or handstand walks? Or maybe you’re breathing was similar to if you smoked a pack a day during 18.1? You’re not alone. We all have the movements we excel in and tend to really enjoy. We practice, practice, practice the movements we like but what about that one movement you hate? Yes, you know what I’m talking about – I bet a movement popped up in your head – your kryptonite. We all have one and let’s be honest – we also all cherry-pick WODS here and there because of that movement.

CrossFit is based on general physical preparedness (GPP). If we bias our training to only movements we are good at then what are we accomplishing? We need to drill our weaknesses much more often than we need to drill our strengths. That is how we’re going to get better and how we’re going to get mentally and physically stronger. We need to be solid all around, not the best at one thing – jack of all trades, master of none.

My “hole” has always been endurance, specifically, running. I struggle through long workouts and I do not enjoy running. The weather is starting to get nice and now is the time to turn my weakness into something I don’t mind. Since surgery I have been a little hesitant to try running but I know over time it will benefit me and my training in the end. I am going to start by adding one long met-con to my training each week and NOT avoid workouts with running just because I don’t like it.

At ETown, we talk a lot about goal setting and the benefits of it. Now is the perfect time to think about what kind of “holes” you have in your training and start doing something about it. Think about it. Tell me about them. Let’s do something about them.

~ Haley

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