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Happy June ETown!  We all survived another Murph (some of you had your first go around with it, and you all did amazing).  Now we get back to fighting our weaknesses and building up our overall fitness.

During the month of June we’ll be introduced to new benchmark workouts as well as a handful of repeats from the month of February. There will still be focus on improving your ability to recover through aerobic work.  So when we have those days that prescribe 70-75% effort, don’t underestimate them.

Remember, that anytime we’re repeating benchmark strength or conditioning pieces, it’s important to have a plan in place and let your improved levels of fitness dictate your level of effort. Often times if you place less stress on yourself to perform, your level of performance improves. With strength work, hitting a 5-10# PR is a healthy goal.

Overall, the volume during the month of June is comparable to past blocks of programming, but you’ll probably notice a bit more Olympic lifting during this month. Whenever Olympic lifting is part of the programming, the goal is efficiency and bar-speed, so opt for lighter loads if needed (also meaning that if your form/ technique is proficient, don’t be afraid to push some weights). Lastly, don’t forget the value of planned rest days. All too often, athletes undervalue the benefit of planned rest days, and think they will take them further away from their goals when in reality the exact opposite is true. It’s important to never avoid the signs your body gives you, and to be receptive to these signals.  So I challenge you to do the hardest thing in CrossFit… Rest!!! Challenge yourself to take at least four rest days this month!!  If your intensity is what we prescribe in the workout briefings, you’ll need them.


Here are some dates for June benchmarks:

Rolling Stone V2 on 6/5

Sandstorm on 6/7

Redlight on 6/11

Mr. Clean on 6/14

Quick and Dirty on 6/15

Pavement on 6/18

MJ on 6/19

Bobby Axelrod on 6/22

Double Jump on 6/25

Man Maker on 6/26

Karen on 6/28


In our strength work, we will be transitioning from back squat to more front squat biased squatting.  You’ll see some handstand push up and chin up work, as well as clean + jerk/ barbell pressing movements.  We can’t wait to see you guys crush all these workouts!  Here’s to a great June… it’s almost summer!!!

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