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Hello ETown family and friends!  The month of May is here, and hopefully all of the warm weather is coming with it.  We have a lot of new things coming this month. But, before we get to that, I would like to break down and remind you guys what the philosophy behind ETown programming is.

Oftentimes, we’re asked: “what is the focus of this cycle?”, but the most efficient programming is achieved by using a concurrent model of fitness in which we work on improving all aspects of fitness simultaneously. So the short answer to “what is the focus” is that we are improving all aspects of fitness 365 days a year. Essentially becoming more well-rounded to handle a variety of tasks, and improving individual limitations. Performing set cycles of work neglects many aspects of fitness and will not lend itself to your overall goals; this is why we use a set template of programming, rather than random events spread out during the week.  “Set templates” means that we have a theme for the day (such as: Monday is a heavy lower body day, while Thursday is a light/fast lower body day).  This means that if you miss a day, you won’t be hurting your overall fitness or affecting your results because we were on a strict cycle of progressions. A set template also allows for proper central nervous system recovery. Lastly, it’s important to not underestimate the value of “low-demand” work. Adding stress on top of stress will take you further away from your goals and likely lead to burn out or injury. If you see particular training days that don’t look as “sexy,” don’t be fooled, as this work is incredibly valuable. Lying dead on the floor after every workout is not the goal, so higher-threshold work is carefully managed in this plan.

Movement wise, you can look forward to a lot of squatting and pulling this month.  Pick your favorite type of back squat, and you’ll see it!  We’re bringing out box squats, speed squats, pause squats, and everyone’s favorite:  heavy squats ????  Barbell rows and deadlifts will also make appearances.  For our upper body training, you’ll see push press, pull ups (such as strict C2B!!!), and a lot of dumbbell work.  The clean jerk is also coming back, which is a great reason to start coming to the Level 1 + 2 Olympic Lifting Classes to start getting your technique dialed in.

We’ve got some new and old benchmarks surfacing as well.  Below is a list of them with their programmed date, so you guys know when to not take a rest day:

Grace  5/4

Blue Steel (new) 5/7

Icebreaker (new) 5/10

Jack (Hero WOD) 5/11

Freshmen (new) 5/14

Nor’Easter (new) 5/17

Run Forrest (old benchmark) 5/19

New Workout Plan (new) 5/22

Gameday (new) 5/24

Murph (done last Memorial Day)  5/28

It’s going to be an awesome month with old limits being broken, and new ones being set. The garage door will FINALLY be opened! So, here’s to a great month with some extra fitness, and some extra sunshine!

~ Adam

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