November Programming

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Hey all,

November is going to be a fun month.  We are going to shift a little and delve into Conjugate Periodization.  Dynamic training and the Box Squat will be introduced. Box squats may be one of the more important variations of squatting we use so expect to see this throughout the program.  More on this later J

Focus: Introduction to Conjugate Periodization and Speed (Dynamic) Work, General Physical Preparedness, and Olympic lifting Variations.

Things to Remember:

  • Working up to a max in any movement should require between 6-10 total sets. This training is subjective in the sense you will use weights that match their experience/ability.

  • Box Squats need to be explosive. We will use a wide stance, sit back on the box (no touch n go), and explode up. If they are unable to do this they can drop their weights down.

  • With speed training, there can be no “grinding” of reps.  The goal is to develop force production and by moving explosively we are able to do so. This training will later translate to our Olympic lifts.

  • Dynamic work will see occurring every 60-90s…think EMOMs.   These work sets do not include warm-up sets

  • More named benchmark workouts are introduced. We will retest these in 12-16 weeks.  

  • All task-domain workouts have time caps. The reasoning is to ensure everyone is getting the desired response for each conditioning piece. Time caps will also help ensure you scale workouts correctly.

  • Thursday Training session can also be treated as a “make-up” strength or skill session from either Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Extra Credit work can be done after class and takes roughly 5:00 to complete

Named Workouts of Note:

  • “Conerback” – 11/3/16

  • “Armistice” – 11/11/16

  • “Lumberjack 20” – 11/12/16

  • “Diane” – 11/14/16

November Training Outline

Monday (Max Effort Lower)

  • Heavy Lower Body Focus. Volume is low, intensity is high.

  • Conditioning Piece: Slow glycolytic (30-70% of max effort). Basis will vary each week in terms of structure/duration/work to rest component.

  • Assistance Exercises for primary movers that day that includes core work


  • GPP Work: Sled Pushes + Loaded Carries

  • Conditioning: Maximum Aerobic Power Work where the focus is trying to improve athletes endurance through long duration with moderate intensity work through continuous movement, it is moderate and comfortable work at about 75% of max heart rate

  • Band Work Tendon Work

Wednesday (Max Effort Upper or Dynamic Effort Upper)

  • Upper Body Focused Training Session. 2 Week of Heavy Focus, 3 Weeks of Speed Focus

  • Conditioning: Glycolytic or lactate power work we look at improving the rate of energy through this pathway with short duration intervals with long rest. It can be performed mix modal or cyclical but cyclical is better for faster turn over and power production

  • Assistance Exercises for primary movers


  • GPP/Skill Work/Aerobic Based Work

Friday (Dynamic Effort Lower)

  • Lower body with speed emphasis


  • Fun oxidative based conditioning piece in teams of 2-3 athletes


  • GPP/Skill Work/Aerobic Based Work

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