October Programming: What’s Coming this Fall?


Hello ETown family!  October is just around the corner, and we have a lot of exciting things coming up for this next month of programming.  

For our strength pieces, we are introducing a new movement to our programming: the Zercher Squat!  In addition, some cool additional accessory lifts such as 1 1/4 squats and banded dead lifts.  We will also be incorporating some dynamic work with standing jumps and speed squats.

To compliment our lower body strength lifts, we will be doing a lot of jerks, ring dips, and close grip chin ups to build upper body strength/power.  Our dynamic work will involve plenty of speed presses (i.e. shoulder press and floor press).

Something fun we are doing for the next month is incorporating partner variations of all of our bench mark workouts.  We have some classic CrossFit girls, Hero workouts, and ETown specific bench marks where you will be able to share the work load with a buddy.  You guys can look forward to some extra “flavor” on some of these 🙂

Also, expect our aerobic WODs a couple times a week… work outs that involve a little more endurance, and focus on active recovery!

We are incredibly proud of all the PRs and progress we have seen from all of you over the last month!  Keep it up e- towners, and here’s to October!!!    

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