Pull-Up Clinics: Thoughts and Moving Forward


Hey ETown Community!

First I just want to thank everyone who came to the pull up clinic this past Sunday.  I had a blast teaching you guys some more in- depth progressions for achieving new levels of success in your gymnastics.  It was great to see concepts click for some people, while others learned great new ways to start reaching for that first strict pull up.

The biggest take away I want all of you to walk away with, is to realize this takes patience and time.  Being able to do an unassisted pull up and move your whole body through space is a huge accomplishment… but that being said, those accomplishments will take A LOT of repetition to be realized.

Like we talked about in the clinic, you don’t have to spend extra hours in the gym.  Just take 5 minutes before or after class, and accumulate 10- 15 repetitions of one of the drills we did.  These small steps add up over time, and give you a big result.  It’s all about trusting, and enjoying the process.

In the very near future we will have a “cheat sheet” of some of the drills and progressions that we did.  That way if you ever walk into the gym unsure of what to warm up with/ work on, you guys will have a reference point to see.

Finally, to give you guys something to anticipate… this will not be the last seminar we hold.  There will be many more events to advance all your CrossFit skills!  More pull up clinics, rowing, muscle ups, double unders, handstands, olympic lifting; these are all coming down the pipeline.  We are excited to bring a whole new level of attention and detail to the coaching you will receive.

It’s just the tip of the ice berg!  Enjoy your week e- towners 🙂  Now go do some pull ups!!!

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