September Programming: Things to Expect!


Hey e- town family.  This post will cover what we are trying to achieve come this month of September.  We as coaches always want you guys to understand the why of what we’re doing, and the information here will help you prepare for what is coming in the near future!

You will see many of CrossFit’s Benchmark WODs this month.  At the beginning of the week, we will announce which of these “butt- kickers” will be programmed.  This way you guys can plan your rest days, as well as know when to come in and hit a big PR!  Some of the benchmarks we will be hitting are:  Grace, Nancy, The Chief, Helen, Karen, and some of our other ETown specific WODs.

At this point you may have realised that Tuesday and Thursday are more cardio heavy than Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Firstly, these cardio pieces are great for building endurance, and working “simple skills” that we might see in the CrossFit Open.  However, their true beauty is that they allow you to get a great work out in without having the high impact of heavy weightlifting or complex gymnastics.  

You will see several dynamic movements this cycle.  This means that we are going for speed and explosiveness rather than just throwing on as much weight as possible.  The more speed you can put onto the barbell, the easier the heavy lifts will become, and the amount of power you can output will increase.  Some dynamic effort movements you will see are:  sumo deadlifts, seated box jumps, and floor press.

In contrast, our max effort days are ones that we try to lift as heavy as possible, or at least work into higher percentages of our 1 rep max.  Some movements that will test this area are:  front squats, back squats, squat cleans, clean grip deadlifts, power cleans, and push press.

And finally, some gymnastics skills/ strength that we will be developing consist of hand stand pushups and wide grip pull ups.  These are great for developing body awareness/ control… and we will get to show you guys many ways to scale/ progress on these movements.

On a closing note,  we strongly encourage you guys to take advantage of the tracking system in Zen Planner.  All of these benchmark WODs and 1 rep max lifts are already pre- programmed into the app.  Once you record your score, you will have a target to beat the next time we re-test these.

We are looking forward to some great training and lots of PRs this month.  Good luck and train hard e- town!

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