September Programming

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For the month of September (and for all months moving forward), we’ll have the opportunity to spend more time on skill development, all while not losing our ability to improve your strength/conditioning.

We’ll spend 3-weeks in September developing local muscle endurance for gymnastics work namely the strict pull-up and HSPU, but you’ll also see the Ring Dip in there as the primary movers are the same. This will flow into October nicely as we are spending time developing pull-ups with special exercises that month.

On 9/17 we’ll have nearly an entire class to work the squat snatch and squat clean and jerk. The WORK SETS will be done on the clock every 60s, but this does not include all of the skill and strength work beforehand. In terms of conditioning work, there are some great pieces this month that we are retesting.

In particular, “Bobby Axelrod” that many had trouble completing the first time it was performed. The time cap of this has been extended, but this won’t decrease the challenge of managing shoulder fatigue in this workout and coming up with a good strategy. Overall, you can expect to see a similar amount of conditioning testing pieces, roughly 8-10. This allows us to measure new levels of fitness, but not in a way that is going to induce excessive stress on the body too often.

With summer ending, it’s a great time to refocus goals and start dialing in nutrition. Next summer is not that far away! For most when they are trying to get lean they do so by increasing their cardio, but in reality increasing bodybuilding-type (hypertrophy) work is proven to increase lean body mass more than cardio. Even more reason to not skip “accessory” work.


Conditioning Benchmarks:  

No Name Metcon on 9/5 (Last done on 5/9)

Freshmen V2 on 9/6 (Last done 5/8)

9/11 on 9/11

Unbroken on 9/13

New Workout plan on 9/14 (Last done 5/22)

Bobby Axelrod on 9/21 (6/22)

Chuck Taylors on 9/24 (12/8)

Wicked Garden on 9/27

4 Min Max Calorie Test on 9/28


Strength Benchmarks:


Back Squat on 9/6 (Last done 5/21)

Strict Pull-ups on 9/4

Squat Snatch on 9/17

Squat Clean + Jerk on 9/17

Touch n Go Deadlifts

Handstand Push-ups/ Strict Pull-ups on 9/18

Floor Press on 9/21 (Last done 6/7)

Front Box Squat 2RM on 9/24 (1RM done on 6/4)

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