Take Action


This past weekend, Carrie, Adam, Alvin and I participated in the Two-Brain Business Summit at CrossFit Illumine.  This was a gathering of the best and brightest minds in the CrossFit industry where affiliates from Evanston (ETown) to the UK (CrossFit Themes) came together to discuss best practices, education, and mindset.  It was a powerful weekend to say the least.

The key point of the entire weekend was ACTION!

If you are going to enjoy a life of abundance and prosperity it will require some action.  We can have the best of intentions, the best laid out plans…but without action…nothing happens.  Sounds obvious right…but often it is our inability to pull trigger and act upon these plans that separates us from achieving goals and staying stagnant in all facets of our life.This should be obvious. But, sometimes the obvious is frequently overlooked

Knowledge is Power…right?  Nope…just power in reserve.  Knowledge that is not used is just knowledge and provides no benefit.  Knowledge is useless unless you use it…and take action.

Knowledge x Action = Results

So here’s my challenge to you….write down 3 things you have been meaning to do that you have put off.  Choose 1 that is “easy” and do it today.  Choose 1 that is “hard” and find a way to accomplish it by Friday.  When you finish these 2 things, write about the results of you Action as your Bright Spots and share it with the group!

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