There is no Growth in Comfort and no Comfort in Growth


Since your first day here at CrossFit ETown, we have been teaching you how to move properly and in a safe fashion.  Once you mastered that movement, we challenge you with speed, weight, a tougher movements! By adjusting this “load” we put you outside of your comfort zone…and that’s where we make gains!

It is really important to keep putting yourself in uncomfortable situations here at ETown…if not, you will not increase your fitness levels.

When we do our strength each day, we need to make sure we are actually attempting to the move the weight our coaches tell us to.  When the weights are get towards our maxes, they are SUPPOSED to make you hesitant to lift them.  With our gymnastics, you should get a little nervous…heck, what normal person wouldn’t have their heartrate increase slightly when thinking about doing a handstand or pullup?

You all started at ETown for a reason.  You came to lose fat.  You cam to get stronger.  Or, maybe you came in to improve your health.

Maybe you came in for all these reasons and more!

From now on, I encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try new things.  Add more weight to your barbell.  Take the next step in your gymnastics training.  And for all that is right in this world…GO FASTER and TAKE LESS BREAKS in the WODs!!!!

You can’t be afraid to be out of breath for the entirety of a WOD and also expect your health and cardiovascular system to improve!

Remember, it’s OK to fail reps, it’s OK to breath heavy, it’s OK to struggle in workouts and in lifting.  If you push yourself and get outside of your comfort zone day in and day out…I promise you will get healthier, stronger, and more confident!

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