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We believe in leading people toward their perfect day and empowering our coaches to do more of what they love.

To do great work you have to love what you do.

Working at ETown Fitness Club

Design your career and have the opportunity to grow within by building your own programs via entrepreneurship, coaching the classes you love with none of the fluff admin duties you hate.

Our coaches focus 100% of their time on coaching, developing their craft and becoming entrepreneurs (building their own business within the business).

Leadership is involved in constant goal setting, timelining for programs, ongoing coach development and being a catalyst for growth.

Looking for a highly motivated, self starter with a growth mindset who is willing to take it to the next level.

Many different options available but an example of a Professional Coach (Personal Training Focused) with amazing work/life balance would have 26 hours/wk making $50k+

Please send resumes to Kevin here.

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Positions Available

Part-Time Coach

  • 5-10 group classes per week (CrossFit, eFit)
  • Right Start Sessions
  • Personal Training Opportunities
  • Develop and Grow Specialty Programs
  • Continued Education

Full-Time Coach

  • 10-15 group classes per week (CrossFit, eFit)
  • Right Start Sessions
  • Personal Training Opportunities
  • Develop and Grow Specialty Programs
  • Conduct Goals Setting Sessions
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An Intrapreneur is an employee who has been given the opportunity to start and build a business within the main business or umbrella without any of the financial risk of being the Entrepreneur.

The Intrapreneur will be responsible for the oversight and execution of the big 3’s of running a business as part of their 4/9th compensation: Sales & Marketing, Operations and Coaching.


  • Develop & Implement Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Responsible for Growth (central question responsible for:  How does the business grow?)
  • Facilitate Pictures and Videos for Social Media
  • Manage memberships/billing via Admin
  • Manage logistics for equipment and schedule
  • Manage staffing
  • Monthly meeting with Brian to discuss strategy and opportunities
  • Communicate details of the program to all Coaching staff
  • Manage calendar of events
  • Manage mailing list and contacts

If you are interested, and want to learn more, email Kevin.

Join us at ETown Fitness Club!