Fit Over 50

What is Fit Over 50?

Etown Fitness Club’s “Fit Over 50” program was created with a holistic approach for the over 50 year old athlete in mind.  While CrossFit is broad, general and inclusive, it’s a fact that older athletes have different needs based on a number of things in including pre-existing injuries (sports and non-sports related), health issues, longer recovery times, decreased muscle and bone density, and more.

Older athletes need an environment with a strength and conditioning program geared toward them, but that also contains a component based on the athletes previous workout or athletic experience with the goal to prolong health and activity level so they can continue to be strong and healthy for years to come.

fitness over 50
fitness over 50

What makes our Fit over 50 program unique?

Etown Fitness Club’s program currently has athletes ranging from 45 to 75 years old (that’s not a limitation, we’re still recruiting some 80+ yr olds), former collegiate and professional athletes, and people who never played sports in their lives. The common bond is, at this stage in their lives, they want to be the healthiest and strongest they can be.

The saying around the gym is that the Fit Over 50 classes aren’t any easier, they’re just different. Meaning, these aren’t scaled down versions workouts, these are as intense and difficult as anything you see for the regular Etown Fitness Club workout of the day (WOD). The difference is that you do them in an environment of your peers, with special instruction geared toward your needs.

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Fit Over 50 Details

As in everything CrossFit, all movements and weights are scalable to your particular strength, skill level, and limitations.

Our Etown Fitness Club Fit Over 50 group currently meets three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:30am.  Click the link below to get started with a No Sweat Intro today!

fitness over 50

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